Participation is voluntary.
Enrolling in this service is completely voluntary, and you can choose to un-enroll at any time.

Participant information is protected.
The information we collect from participants is very limited and is used to either 1) deliver messages or 2) help evaluate the effectiveness of the services we provide. We collect phone numbers and/or email addresses. We never ask for names. People who choose to participate in our surveys are asked additional questions about their behaviors.

We use aggregate survey responses and participant information (e.g., number of times reminders were accessed in a particular zip code) to help improve our services. Aggregate participant data may also be used in articles and presentations in professional journals, conferences and workshops. We may use information about your carrier, operating system and mobile phone services in the general administration of our service.

Access to the data we collect and access to our servers are restricted to a limited group of authorized persons at YTH and the Oregon Health Authority, which funds this service. Data communication between these agencies is encrypted. Participant information is never sold or shared with other parties. There is one exception to our policy on divulging personal information. We will only release phone numbers or email addresses if asked to comply with any valid legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order. YTH hosts its websites on servers stored in data centers that ensure state of the art cooling, fire protection, power management and perimeter security.

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